Monday, September 26, 2016

Case Study: ALDI South Australia

Understanding and managing complex project tasks to make them look easy is just part of what we do every day at SignManager

Westfield Marion recently opened the first stage of their expansion and upgrade project to their main shopping complex in the South of Adelaide. The new Food Mall brings together an inspiring design layout with the inclusion of 15 new food and produce offerings with the main drawcard being Aldi’s newest addition to the Adelaide Marketplace.   

SignManager not only designed the artwork package for the site in compliance with Aldi’s rigorous guidelines, but also provided competitive pricing.  

The management and supervision of the project included;

  • Initial survey, measure and Risk  Assessment of the site
  • Consulting with and provision of advice to Aldi and Scentre Group (Westfield) architects
  • Auditing and asset documentation 
  • to more than 50 individual remote trolley bays
  • Quality checking during manufacture and after installation of all signs
  • Negotiating and consulting with Shopfitters, Builders, Bricklayers and Electricians to reach outcomes that satisfied all key project stakeholders
  • Documenting and recoding of all site signage items for future reference during the Asset Maintenance Lifecycle

Understanding and managing complex project tasks to make them look easy is just part of what we do every day at SignManager. To make your next Signage or Corporate Rebranding project easy contact 
SignManager today. 

SignManager provided a comprehensive signage package on the project & delivered regular updates of the package as various revisions were required during the design and pre-installation phase. Their delivery and installation of the signage to the store & throughout the centre was carried out seamlessly and within the project timeframes and constraints. 
Troy Aberline - Project Leader
Select-group Architects 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Case Study: KENO Rebrand

SignManager’s flexible approach enables us to scale our resources to suit the most demanding projects

In June 2015, Tabcorp appointed SignManager to replace their signage with a new KENO brand throughout 2,600 venues in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
Tabcorp believed SignManager was a logical choice for this program as they had successfully completed the previous KENO rebrand in 2002. The old KENO signage was in service for 13 years, yet still in relatively good condition and has required minimal maintenance. Tabcorp understood that this is no coincidence, and that using an independent specialist like SignManager has ensured their old signage was designed and manufactured to meet the long term demands of the brand. So when the time came to refresh the brand, Tabcorp’s Business Program Manager, Jason Charbi, had no reservations in nominating SignManager for the challenging program.
A number of innovative strategies were adopted to enable the tight deadline to be achieved. SignManager’s IT engineer’s created iPad software that empowered Tabcorp’s Area Managers to accurately carry out their own site audits and capture Lessors’ digital signatures, which were instantly uploaded from their mobile devices. This initiative alone delivered considerable savings to Tabcorp. A dedicated “multi-task” web portal was created to accommodate the intensive flow of audit data and efficiently manage stock, logistics and installation across a multitude of different locations and contractors.
The web portal also delivered real time job tracking and reporting to measure progress against the agreed KPIs. Tabcorp set an initial goal of completing 700 venues prior to Christmas 2015 with the remaining 1,900 venues due for completion in the first half of 2016. By September, most of the audits, prototyping, budgets and IT technology had been established and sufficient contractors were engaged to meet the deadline.
But Tabcorp then made a significant change and requested SignManager upscale the program to complete 1,400 venues in the three remaining months prior to Christmas rather than the initial 700. SignManager considered its resources and accepted the challenge by drawing on its national contractor network to increase the number of contractors to over 50 and allocated additional internal project managers. As challenging as the increased target looked, and much to the delight of Tabcorp, SignManager actually completed 1,700 venues by Christmas 2015 instead of the revised target of 1,400.
This could not have been achieved without SignManager’s customised software to drive efficiencies, a co-operative and talented contractor network and extraordinary teamwork. We are looking forward to completing the remaining venues in early 2016 and supporting Tabcorp as a valued client for many years to come.